Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Free eBook: Introduction to the Command Line

Introduction to the Command Line is now part of the Kindle Lending Program. This allows Amazon Prime Subscribers to download The Fat Free Guide to Unix and Linux Commands for FREE!

Download for FREE with your Amazon Prime account!

The print version is still on sale for $22.95 $15.98 at

PS. You can also get my other book The Nmap Cookbook for free on Amazon Prime in Kindle format.


  1. Sir, just checked that your pdf Document is prepared from Microsoft Word 2007, I feel bad!

  2. Unfortunately, Linux does not meet my needs for desktop publishing. I have Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux on my computers. I use all 3 for different tasks, but I consider Linux to be my primary OS since that is where I spend most of my time.

  3. Hi,

    I downloaded your book and will read it later.

    Thanks for making it available!

  4. Excellent book and an excellent job is been made by the writer of the book there. Since I've been using Linux for several years now and found some new stuff in your book.

  5. Hello Nicholas,
    Thank you very much for this guide.
    Your new book is a must have for Windows power users, IT-Professionals, IT-students, etc.

    From now on you have got a new fan in Czech Republic.

    Thank you,
    Kind regards

  6. The kindle book is a steal for 3$ bucks..lack of proper TOC is too bad..can you add a proper TOC for the kindle edition

    1. I have submitted the updated Kindle book with a proper TOC last week. When Amazon decides to update their site, you will be able to grab the updated version for free from the Manage Your Kindle section of Amazon.

      They really make the process harder than it should be. I suppose it's my fault for not properly indexing the TOC to begin with. Sorry for the trouble.

      As soon as I see it go live I will let you know.

      Thanks for reading.


    2. Amazon has finally updated the site with the new revision. You can download the update from the Manage Your Kindle section of Thanks for reading.

  7. Hi,
    I'm Koffi NASSAR aka Willy.Your book is a great job and I would like to translate it into French. Therefore I need the author to allow my translation work so that french users of Linux can benefit your work.

  8. You can also get my other book The Nmap Cookbook for free on Amazon Prime in Kindle format.
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  9. What a great book you share with us thanks for sharing this wonderful book with us. I want to learn command line to teach my little brother. Might be this ebook help me. I will download ebook in PDf.